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Introducing Cultr – the world’s most exciting culture change tool!

Doro - May 14, 2018 - 0 comments

We are proud to announce Cultr – the culture change tool that engages and turns desired behaviours into action like nothing else! Cultr is created for companies and organizations who believe that culture is crucial to their success, and who are looking for engaging and scalable methods to make their desired culture come alive. Cultr is built on the experience from the award-winning app Wellevue, and similarly uses mini-missions and social contagion to drive culture change.

A new app with a new name

Nine months ago, we decided to take blank sheets and write down everything that didn’t work or should work better with our existing solution. The list became long. Both from frustration and from desire. We had to do something drastic about it. It led us to two big decisions: We decided to completely rebuild our app from scratch, and we decided to change our name. Nine months later we are proudly launching a new app with a new name: Cultr – to our knowledge, the most action-oriented and scalable culture change tool on the market.

A man scrolling the new Cultr moodboard

Raising the bar for culture change tools

We are really trying to raise the bar for culture change tools. Culture is getting more and more attention from leaders. And everyone is looking for ways to turn words into action. We knew from our previous app what customers are asking for, what drives user engagement and what doesn’t. Our new solution embodies all those learnings.

Cultr founder Michael Daun.

Learn more

Cultr is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but requires an account for your organization. If you are interested in learning more about Cultr, seeing a demo or getting an account, please contact our sales 

Cultr app on smartphone

Please also follow us on the new Cultr social media pages. We’ll feed them with great content.

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