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The social nudging tool.

Cultr is an award-winning solution for engaging employees and
co-creating company culture. Cultr is used by leading companies
to make desired culture come alive, on scale.

Only 12% of leaders think they are successfully driving culture and engagement. Less than half of transformations succeed. Cultr is for leaders looking for new, engaging and more scalable ways to transform their organisations. Cultr is for organisations who want to drive change as bottom-up movements, and get their whole organisation to walk the talk.

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In short, Cultr is a nudging tool that activates desired behaviours. The nudges, we call them mini-missions, create many, many small actions in the organization. For each one, users create a mission post which is then shared. With a massive flow of visible real actions, the perception of the culture changes. The organization walks the talk. Cultr can be set up for specific goals, events, transformations, or as an ongoing culture platform.

What makes Cultr different?

Cultr assumes that culture is best managed as a social movement. Compared to survey and pulse tools that offer measurement, Cultr focuses more on making company culture happen. Compared to communication platforms, the Cultr app is a nudging machine. It runs campaigns that triggers desired behaviors into real action.

Is Cultr for you?

Is your toolset missing an exciting and scalable way of engaging employees and making desired culture come alive? Is the way you work with culture, in itself a good example of the culture you strive for? Do you need new ways to successfully drive a culture that your people are openly proud of? If yes, then Cultr is for you.

What kind of culture change?

Cultr works for all companies and organisations who seek to boost certain behaviors. Your goals could be implementation of new values, breaking down silos, digital transformation, post-merge, or keeping engagement intact during difficult times. Cultr can be set up for any objective, and can be used for short events, to energize existing change projects, or as an ongoing culture platform.

Cultr works on the assumption that learning from examples of other people’s behaviour is a major and likely dominant mechanism of behaviour change in humans. Meaning that productivity and behaviours are contagious.

The benefits of using Cultr:


Cultr see voluntary engagement levels of up to 90% because it is fun, social and slightly gamified. It engages people at all levels in the organisation, making action visible so that everyone can see real efforts of change.


The view that culture change is difficult and slow stops many leaders from taking action. Cultr changes that. It is quick to set up and produces visible results from the first day. Building momentum makes them lasting.


Cultr works great for large and remote organisations, who can’t put everyone in classrooms. Cultr can run in parts of or in the whole organisation, and can shift in intensity over time, or support multiple transformation goals.


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