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Take action on International Women’s day!!

Doro - 5th March 2019 - 0 comments

How to take action on International Women’s Day

Run a Gender Balance campaign on Cultr.

What will you do on the International Women’s Day on Friday March 8, calling for a more gender balance in world? Would you like to do something that involves all of your employees and their managers? Something tangible to raise awareness of gender bias, while you are working on more structural changes? And something authentic that visually show what you steps you are taking and perhaps what needs to be done?

You can make this happen by running an International Women’s day campaign on the Cultr app. Run it for a day, or a week. Make as many as you want in the organisation take part in celebrating what you do, take concrete actions and increase their awareness of gender bias and gender issues.

Cultr is an app that nudges action in organisations with the help of challenges and mini-missions. For the International Women’s Day, Cultr has prepared a campaign that nudges your employees to do mini-missions during the day or that week in a fun and social way. All missions generate images and videos that together shows the whole organisation in action. You can easily add more challenges, quizzes and surveys. A great thing to do to celebrate what efforts you already have done for gender balance!

Get started for March 8th!

  1.  Contact Cultr to get your account
  2.  Invite employees
  3.  Launch!

The content is already prepared, but you can also add your own challenges, missions and quizzes.

Just contact our sales today!

Cultr is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but requires an account for your organization. 

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