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Yesterday was International Women’s day, so what?

Doro - March 9, 2020 - 0 comments

Time for action after International Women's Day

Run a Gender Balance campaign on Cultr.

It was International women’s day yesterday. What does it matter today, the day after? What do you and your organisation do today, this week and next, to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women? If you have nothing planned, the award-winning app Cultr can help you. Launch a massive-action campaign about Gender Balance, and get your whole organisation to take many small actions on gender balance and gender bias. 


We all wish there would be no need for an International Women’s Day. That men and women would be fairly valued everyday of the year. Gender bias – more or less of it – is often present at many workplaces, despite intentions to have an inclusive and diverse workplace. International Women’s Day often sees companies raising awareness about gender equality and diversity by providing information, but real change is more effective when it comes from action and observing peer action.


Would you want to see your organisation take a first leap to take action on gender balance, rather than just talking about it? Run a one-two week campaign on Cultr, and see your whole organisation take many small actions to change their mindset on gender balance. Let the next week or two produce more action, more heros and more peer recognition than any initiative you have done before!

Gender Balance campaign

The Culture change and Engagement tool

Cultr is a tool designed to change behaviors in organisations. It focuses on nudging small actions and their impact on “the way we do things around here” through peer influence. The tool can be customized for each company and to their various goals or objectives.


Cultr has designed a short campaign to trigger small but many actions for better gender balance. You can run it for your whole organisation or parts of it. It’s designed to be social, engaging and action-oriented, not just an information campaign or survey.


The Gender Balance campaign on Cultr will improve perspectives on gender balance in the following ways:

  • Expose bias. Gender bias – more or less of it – can be found at all levels in the company. Often it is unconscious and not intended. Increasing awareness and exposing bias, is a first step to improving the workplace climate when it comes to gender balance.


  • Celebrate efforts. Use everyone’s perspectives to highlight what efforts are already done, big and small. The Cultr tool allows everyone to share the small steps and actions that together visually show the progress of your efforts.


  • Recognize role models. Let everyone show who are the heros in your organisation when it comes to gender bias, and explain why they deserve this recognition. Often it is the uncelebrated colleagues who are making a real difference.


  • Start conversations. By talking about gender balance and gender bias, it no longer stays a hidden subject. But, they are not always the easiest topic to suggest. Cultr provides this reason. Get plenty of discussions started, in a fun and straightforward way.

How to get started

Is it hard, is there still time, what does it cost? No, it’s not hard at all. The campaign is already fully prepared, although you could add your own touch to it. It can be set up in just a day. The campaign is on offer this week for €1.499 (normal price €1.999) for up to a hundred users.

  1. Contact Cultr to get your account
  2. Invite employees
  3. Launch!

To find out more about this Gender Balance  campaign, and how to apply it to your organisation, please contact our sales who can listen to your needs and explain more.

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