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How it works

Culture change.

Some use the term culture transformation or culture evolution. Some say shaping culture or hacking culture. Some say company culture and some say corporate culture. Some think of organizational culture, some of workplace culture. What is common is that it relates to behaviors, and the desire to achieve more of certain behaviors and less of others.

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Change objectives where Cultr is used:

Making core values come alive.

When new core values need to be implemented, or when existing core values, but despite best efforts, are mostly just words on the wall.

Sales drives.

When a sales force needs motivation and inspiration from a sales drive combining sales training, sales videos and sales competitions between individuals or teams.

Wellness initiatives.

When a fun and social way is desired to get everyone, not just the most motivated, to take small steps towards healthier habits.

Corporate days and Hackathons.

When a tool is needed to lead groups between stations of activities, and when activities and competitions should be streamed to large screens.

Engagement in change programs.

When there is a need for an organisation to become more agile, to push for digital transformation or sustainability. When the goal cannot be achieved without high engagement levels.

Breaking down silos.

When an organisation is not united enough due to different functions or locations. When personal connections are needed to make collaboration tools work well.

Before, during, after Kick-offs.

When everything have already been tried to create the greatest kick off ever. When the kick-off needs to generate real actions in the weeks that follow.

How to use Cultr for a change project

Cultr has a very direct approach to culture change. It simply tries to nudge, encourage, and activate people to do more of certain actions and behaviors. This means that if you know what you culture want, Cultr could help you see more of that. 

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It works like this:

  • Sign up for an account and customize it for your company
  • Create campaigns with missions, challenges and quizzes that aligns with your objectives
  • Schedule the campaigns for parts of or your whole organisation
  • Let the system send out invitations to your users
  • Follow-up, modify, and see results of thousands of documented actions.
  • Share your content on social media channels, intranet and more

How the app works

Our Cultr app "Do list"

Users receive an email to download the app from their app store and then login to the app with the provided password.

They will find pre-selected challenges waiting for them. Start one and get a number of mini-missions waiting for them to select. The mini-missions are asking them to do small things that matter. They prove it by taking a image.

Simply Do, Snap, Post.

Their image and the images of all other users are shown on a feed that is called the Moodboard. They can see what other users have done. The Moodboard becomes a living proof of what your company or organisation actually does to make stuff happen. They can like the other users’ missions and comment on them.

Our Cultr app moodboard
Our Cultr app leaderboard

If they are into winning, there are leaderboards to climb.

Employees doing missions help to change to organisation, little by little, as actions mean more than words. And on top of it, they will think it is fun to use, to be challenged a bit, and to be a part of a movement to improve how things are done.

Selected features of the app

  • Interface customizable to brand colors and logo
  • Challenges, Flash Missions, Quizzes
  • Configurable leaderboards including teams
  • In-app instant messaging
  • Social media sharing
  • Event log-in
  • GDPR compliance
  • SSL encrypted communication
  • Multiple languages supported


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