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Employee Engagement

Cultr for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a concern for most industries and companies. While engagement has been found to correlate with many performance indicators, Gallup reports that less than a third of the workforce is engaged.

The UK based non-profit movement Engage for Success founded by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, has a great framework of employee engagement. The arguments for and how to work with employe engagement can be downloaded here: pdf.

Engage for Success have determined four enablers for employee engagement:

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Cultr contributes to each one of these four enablers. Cultr is a tool for shaping culture and engaging employees. It nudges users to action with challenges and mini-missions. It’s an employee driven story-telling platform that rewards action and social cohesion.

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1. Cultr helps strengthen the strategic narrative by allowing everyone in the organisation to contribute to a grassroots perspective of the strategic narrative. Strategies, processes and new ways of working are not just communicated and told from the top. People from the whole organisation add to the strategic narrative with their actions. Their mission posts give authentic evidence to the narrative.

2. An engaging manager is key to successfully engaging the workforce. It is reported that 80% of the variation in engagement levels is explained by the team manager. Cultr is a social tool that helps teams to become more open and connected, and show success in more than just numbers. It helps managers to lead by example and to walk the talk.

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3. Employee voice is at the heart of Cultr, which is built on the notion that change is best understood as a social movement. Cultr encourages anyone in the organisation to lead the way, to provide their perspective or in other ways co-create the workplace climate and ways of working. A multitude of employee posts often tell a more real and credible story than a single story crafted at the top.

4. Integrity is explained as behaviour consistent with values. The flipside are values too inconsistent with behaviors. If an organisation displays a big gap between espoused values and actual behaviours, this can lead to distrust and disengagement. Cultr aims at turning espoused values or desired behaviours into action, and providing visual evidence of it being manifested every day. The actions happening throughout the organisation forms a social norm, that strengthens the alignment to desired values or behaviors.

Tools for employee engagement works best if they are engaging. Cultr is fun and engaging in itself. It needs to be as it is launched in organisations on a voluntary basis. Cultr uses concepts of nudging, gamification and social contagion. It nudges users to action and rewards them with social recognition.

Companies interested in improving their employee engagement can use Cultr in a number of different ways. Cultr can be used to enhance and prolong a kick-off, it can be used as an engagement platform with month-long campaigns shifting through a range of engagement related objectives: teambuilding, ideation, honesty&vulnerability, wellness or various mindsets.

Cultr is primarily a tool for action. It is more about implementation and execution, than about diagnostics. Success is ultimately measured in what people in the organisation actually do. Nonetheless Cultr do feature surveys and polls to run in the app, to measure engagement, perceived culture or get employee feedback.

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If you are looking for an action-oriented tool to help you improve on your employee engagement on scale, which can engage your employees on a daily basis regardless of where they are, then contact our sales and discuss how Cultr could work for you!