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Cultr as a tool for engaging employees working from home (#wfh)

How do you keep your employees engaged when they are working from home? What do you do after everyone is up and running on collaboration platforms and working on videoconferencing tools? How do you make sure your organisation and teams remain engaged and continue to contribute to your workplace culture?

Most companies have had to react quickly to having everyone work from home. Not just a day or two a week, but 100%. A challenge that reaches far beyond getting everyone to use the many great platforms that exist for collaboration and video calling. It’s about how to keep engagement and belonging high, when there is no possibility to check into the office and catch up with colleagues. It’s about finding productive behaviours at home. It’s about having a bit of fun in times of loneliness. It’s about sharing and caring within teams. It’s about feeding your workplace culture, even if your normal workplace is empty. It’s about keeping business running, with energy, creativity and unity.

We have developed a new module aimed at helping companies who need to keep engagement and productivity high, even as their managers and teams work from home. It’s for companies and organisations who are proud of their culture, and who look for scalable ways of doing maintaining it when normal town halls, after works, “fikas”, trainings and other get-togethers etc are off the table.

The module Work from Home is a campaign intended to run for up to six weeks. It’s designed to address the most common challenges of working from home: to keep individual and team productivity as high as possible, to keep the organisation together and united, and to inject some fun and energy in the daily life of working from home.

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Better routines and habits; Separating work from non-work; Reducing distractions at home

Sharing success and priorities; Over-communicating with the team

Having fun at work at home; Watercooler moments; Connecting with other colleagues

Healthy routines and habits; Virus spread prevention, Eating and exercise

The Work-from-Home module uses Cultr’s proven method of using nudging and peer-influence to help employees be more productive and engaged in their new work situation. This approach makes Cultr an action-oriented engagement and culture tool which is used by leading companies to turn their desired culture and desired behaviours into action in a fun and social way. Companies can set up and implement the Work from Home campaign scale in a day, and immediately see the results. Cultr’s work from home module is designed for organisations of 50-5.000 employees.

“We’d like to offer this module to all companies and organisations who need it. For companies in real trouble, who have frozen investments in people and culture, we will try to offer it as Pay-what-you-can. We’d love to help as much as our servers allow. If you are a consultancy firm who need to keep your own organisation engaged and motivated, so that you can help your clients in need, same thing. Pay-what-you-can. If it works for you, bring it to your clients. Hopefully we can keep engagement high and keep great company cultures intact as we go through these challenging times together.”

Portrait of Michael Daun, Founder/CEO Cultr

Michael Daun, Founder/CEO Cultr

Description of the Work from Home module:

Examples of missions in the Work from Home module

Module: Work from home

Purpose: Engage in new work situation, stimulate productivity, encourage communication, create a sense of belonging

Challenges: Focus & Productivity; Keep up with teamwork; Fun & Belonging; Staying healthy

Expected outcome: Increased engagement, fun, less loneliness, increased productivity

Target group: Employees and managers working from home

Length: 6 weeks

Nr of missions: 48

Price: €2.900 per 100 employees.

Update: The Work from Home module is a standardised, ready-to-go campaign that can be started tomorrow. If you have other culture or engagement needs, Cultr can be customised for most desired behaviours. You can also ask us to involve our network of partners, who are people we love because of their work in leadership, culture and engagement. They can help frame Cultr in a wider context.