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Authentic Scalable Employer Branding

Cultr together with its client The Absolut Company, won the Gold Award for Digital Transformation at the 2018 Magnet Employer Branding Awards.

Authentic Employer Branding

The most authentic employer branding comes from the voice of your employees. Their stories have much more credibility than a top-down crafted message. Authenticity is indeed needed, as opinions and views about employers are easily shared on Glassdoor or other channels.


Most employer branding concepts or campaigns are already using the voice of the employees. But Cultr introduces the possibility to do this on greater scale, by involving more employees and making it work on an ongoing basis. This produces much more stories and content, which can be shared with the outside world for employer branding purposes. Cultr visualizes a company’s culture, in the most authentic way, by the eyes and the voices of its employees.

For Employer Branding or more

Cultr can be used specifically for asking employees to provide stories, images and videos intended for employer branding campaigns, or it can be used for other goals, where the stories and content is just an consequential output. In the case of The Absolut Company the purpose was to bring down silos within the organisation. But in the process, by using Cultr, the image of the engagement within The Absolute Company was visualized and told by the employees through the tool.

Already Great at Employer Branding?

Most likely you already have an Employer Branding team in place, you have designated tools for recruiting in place, and possibly a partner helping you out with strategy, creativity and production for employer branding. That is great! Cultr adds on to that as way to get more useful input from the employees, in formats that can very easily be integrated in existing or future branding efforts.

If you want to know more about how Absolut used Cultr, please
click here to download the user case, or contact us to book a free demo!

How To Use Cultr for Employee Branding

Using Cultr for employer branding is not different than for using it for culture change or engaging employees. You create campaigns consisting of differently themed challenges with mini-missions, quizzes and leaderboard. You invite your employees to take part, and the app engages like few other tools, because it is social, visual and fun.

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