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Frequently asked questions

Purpose and objectives

What can I use Cultr for?

Cultr is used for culture change, employee engagement, kick offs, breaking down silos, sales campaigns. It can be customised to turn any desired behaviours into action including customer focus, digital transformation, feedback culture, diversity.

What size of companies is Cultr for?

Cultr is a scalable tool suitable for organisations from 25 people up to thousands of employees.

What are the engagement rates?

Participation is almost always voluntary but still Cultr usually sees app engagement rates of 25-90%. However, the contagious effects can reach beyond the users of the app.

Isn’t it too much fun?

No. Cultr is fun to use, because the opposite would make it less successful. But when the content is aligned with objectives Cultr becomes totally relevant for behaviors within the organisation.

How is it different from other social collaboration tools?

Most social collaboration tools’ focus is on sharing information and keeping people up to date. Cultr is an activation tool which nudges and orchestrates real action and creates belonging. Usually, companies use them in parallel.

Are the points received connected to certain incentives?

No, not necessarily. But individual or team scores could be linked to various incentives outside of the Cultr app.

How is it different from employee feedback tools?

Employee feedback tools are usually excellent in analyzing the state and sometimes even needs within an organisation. Cultr is focusing on what comes next, how to influence behaviours and culture.

Getting started

Can the app be customised?

Absolutely! Both in colors and content.

What languages does Cultr work in?

Cultr is currently translated for English, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, with more translations coming soon. Contact our sales to know about other languages.

How fast can you launch Cultr?

The app is ready at once, but a timeframe of a few days to 3 weeks leaves ample time for preparation of custom content.

How do I get started?

Contact our sales to get a demo of Cultr to understand how it matches your needs. Sign up for an account and a subscription. Customise and set-up content and users. Launch. Cultr or its partners can offer any level of support or project management if desired.

Is there ready to use content?

Cultr provides a library for the most common types of missions, but most clients customizes content to their specific goals and situations.

Do users need smartphones?

Yes. The Cultr app is available for iOS and Android. Cultr is also available on web browsers, where users can follow and like the action of theirs colleagues.

Do you offer free trial for Cultr?

Please contact our sales, who can propose the best way for you to evaluate Cultr as a solution for your needs.

Cultr over time

How do you track progress in Cultr?

Activity levels in the Cultr app can be tracked over time, which can serve as an indicator for real objectives. Also, surveys can be run within the app to get feedback from employees on progress over time. Less quantifiable, but serving as real evidence of action, are the mission posts themselves. They create the real story of progress.

Is there an initial peak period of engagement that will fade over time?

Yes, if nothing changes in the Cultr app over time, it will see engagement levels go down after a few months. Planning sequences of campaigns, targeting specific groups, and setting periodic incentives keep engagement levels up.

How long time is Cultr usually used?

Anything from a day up to a year. Some clients use Cultr for a single event or project. Some clients use it continuously where Cultr is set up to support different objectives during the year.

Information Security

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. We understand that information security is very important for the data we are entrusted with.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored on Amazon Web Service server cloud in Ireland.

How are passwords stored?

Users are asked to set their own password when setting up their profile. This password is hashed with SHA256 and a random salt and stored in a database which is encrypted with AES-256.

How are passwords stored?


Can users share to their social media channels?

Yes, the Cultr app allows users to share their mission posts to their social media social media apps.

Can you run surveys in Cultr?


Can you set up groups/teams in Cultr?


Can you assign certain challenges to certain teams?


Is Cultr integrated with Microsoft Teams or Facebook for work?

No, not yet.

Does Cultr support single sign-on?

No, not yet.

Does Cultr work on computers?

Yes, Cultr runs browsers with the functionality to see and like what others users are doing. The full functionality of doing missions is currently only available in iOS and Android versions.