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Christmas Ideas For Company Culture

Emily - December 10, 2018 - 0 comments

Christmas ideas for company culture

How the Cultr app can add flavour to the holiday season

The Holiday Season is a time where company engagement may be a little extra joyous. during this time, one or a few employees take initiative to get the office decorated and make sure that everyone is in good spirits. But what if you wanted to have more ideas for company culture during Christmas to make something even more special happen? Run a Christmas challenge on our company culture app!

Cultr is a company culture app that challenges employees to do mini-missions on certain themes in a fun, social and inclusive way. It’s used by companies to make their desired culture come alive, but also for engagement, where running a Christmas themed challenge can be an easy thing to do.

A Christmas challenge consist of a dozen or more mini-missions that employees can choose to do. The mini-missions are small, simple, fun and meaningful actions that everyone can do and be part of. The Cultr app is highly engaging, and most importantly fun! And best of all, it is a very easy company culture tool for your workplace.

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4 easy steps to get your workplace engaged:

  1.    Create a Cultr account
  2.    Use existing or add your own Christmas missions
  3.    Invite employees
  4.    Ready, Set, Launch!

Some ideas for company culture during Christmas include bringing Christmas drinks to work, doing a good deed for the community and other fun seasonal activities that will let employees connect and share with their coworkers during these festive times. Whichever missions you choose, our company culture tool will make this holiday season one to remember for all!


Contact us to today to set up your company culture tool for your company during the Holiday Season.

Cultr is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but requires an account for your organization. 

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