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All you need to "Beat COVID-19"

Safe measures need a safe mindset. Are you putting measures in place against spread of COVID-19, and also want your employees to stick to safe behaviours. Are you thinking that posters and reminders may not be enough? Are you looking for a new and original way to reduce the risks of spreading the virus within the company in order to care for your employees?

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Why the "Beat COVID-19" campaign from Cultr?

Many companies are slowly returning to the office. They are trying to put everything in place to protect their employees. Screens, disinfectant, safe distancing, etc… But even when everything is in place, how do you ensure that employees use and apply all these methods and adopt safe behaviours?

The “Beat COVID-19” campaign is the answer to this. It is created for companies that want to promote safe behaviourprevent the spread of the virus within their company and encourage responsible behaviours while keeping their employees engaged and motivated to continue working.

A nudging and contagious method

The module provides a fun and engaging way to stimulate safe behaviours – from helping you to keep your space free from the virus to encourage new habits. And as a side effect, to boost your engagement and workplace culture.

The strength of the Cultr method comes from the combining nudging and peer influence to create an accepted social norm. People are more inclined to adopt safe behaviours if they see other people adopting them too.

By capturing visuals from mini-missions in the challenges, companies get a real and authentic view of the desired behaviours in action. These visuals help encourage and motivate others to participate in the safety of their chosen environment.

Beat COVID-19

Description of the Beat COVID-19 module:

The COVID-19 module is a 4-week campaign. It has been developed to encourage behaviours recommended by WHO to minimize spread of the virus, to keep employees mentally healthy and to support each other. The COVID-19 module is ready to go. Start tomorrow and immediately see the results!

Module: Beat COVID-19

Purpose: Establish a safety mindset, promote safe behaviours, increase employee safety

ChallengesSafe space, Can’t touch this, Keep calm & Social distance, Stronger together

Expected outcome: Desired behaviours implementation, safe and preventive environment, cultural awareness, sense of belonging, fun

Target group: Employees and managers during COVID-19 crisis.

Length: 4 weeks

Nr of missions: 16

Price: €499 per 100 employees

    Examples of missions in the Beat COVID -19 module

Looking for a module for remote workers?

Our new Work From Home campaign is available! Focus on productivity and well-being for remote workers